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Downloading, Installing & Using Skype

Skype can be installed on a smart phone, tablet, laptop or PC. You can download the app for a smart phone or tablet by visiting either Google Play Store (for Android - anything but Apple products), and iTunes Store (for Apple products.)

All devices come installed with one or the other store apps and, once you have opened the appropriate store button, just type in 'Skype' in the search bar and 'Go' and it will find it for you. The app is free and you just need to touch the install button and your device will download and install it for you.

To install the app on a PC or Mac just click on this link, go to the appropriate download button and click on it. A window will then come up asking you where you want to download it to. You should choose your Download folder.

Once the file has downloaded, double click on the icon in your bowser window and follow the prompts to install it.

You will then need to create a Skype account and you can do this by clicking on this link.

You can then return to the Skype app and sign in using the same details you used to create your Skype account. Skype will then open to the access window where you can start to add contacts and use the program.

You will need a camera on your PC in order to use the free video call service. Laptops, smart phones and tablets come with a built in camera but most PCs do not. You can purchase a camera for a small amount at any computer or electronics store.
This is what your homepage will look like once you have some contacts listed.
skype chat
When you click on a person's name a page will come up for them. This will show the record of the contact you have had with them. You can chat with people through this page, as well as make free audio only or video calls. To make an audio only call you will click on the icon at the top right of this page, which looks like a telephone. To make a video call you will click on the icon of the video camera.
skype search funcion
When you want to search for someone, just enter their name in the search box and a list of options will come up. I ask all clients to search for me and send me a request to become a contact, before we meet for our appointment. If you are unfamiliar with Skype, this is a great opportunity to practice because there is only one Natoya Rose in Christchurch, New Zealand.

It is suggested that you do an echo sound test, before trying to make a call. You will notice the button for this on your contacts list and it will be there from the first time you open Skype. This feature allows you to do a sound test to make sure that the sound is working, before you make your first call.

If you are using a PC and have installed your own camera, you should check your video settings. You can do this by clicking on tools and then on options. A new window will then open allowing you to change various settings in Skype. Below is a screen shot showing this window and the one after that shows the video settings page.

While you are in this window, please make sure that your setting at the bottom of the page, for who you can receive video calls from, is set to 'people in my contact list only.' You may be surprised how many people are out there that will call you or try and contact you, just because they can.
screenshot of skype window
of skype page
You can see here that my settings are for an HD camera. If I attached an external camera; however, it would come with software, which would install when I connect the camera, allowing me further options in Skype, to change various settings. These options include brightness and contrast and it is important to adjust them to suit your particular environment and that you do this before we meet; otherwise you end up paying for my time while you sort out your end of things. Many, many people have Skype these days, so find a friend who also has it and call them and see how your setup appears to them. This also allows you to practice and become more familiar with Skype and how it works. You will probably find that it isn't long and you are calling people all over the world, because it is easy and it is free, and you can see them while you speak to them.
You will find that most people also set their general privacy settings while they are in this window and they set them so that only people in their contact list can contact them - to stop stalkers and other undesirables from contacting you, just because they can. I do not accept contacts from anyone I do not know and when you send a contact request to someone, or they send you one, there is the option to include a message saying who you are and why you are making the request. This is helpful if you have chosen a Skype user name that is not the same as your given name.
Keeping your appointment
At the time of your appointment, just click on my name (Natoya Rose) and then click on the video call and Skype will call me. It's really that simple.

If you cannot make your appointment, please make every endeavour to give 24 hours' notice. Because appointments are in increasing demand, it can be difficult at times to reschedule so we encourage everyone to be mindful of this when booking in.
The consultations and therapy/program sessions
One fantastic thing about Skype is that we are able to record all consultations and therapy or program sessions. We make these recordings available to you so that you can go back and and review the session, or to share it with people you think should see it. The video is generally available within 24-48 hours of your session, and you will receive an email advising when it is available, along with a Drop Box link through which you can access it.

As a general rule, the videos are only available for 3 days after the therapy session, because of the space they take up. We do not keep copies of the videos and will delete them after they have been removed from Drop box.
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