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Natoya Rose

Natoya Rose

Occupational Therapist

I am a New Zealand registered occupational therapist, who has been a practicing for nearly 30 years here in New Zealand, the USA and Australia.

In 1996, a moment’s epiphany forever changed how I saw and understood human performance, and that insight has led to the development of a 21st century therapy, The Visual Perceptual Therapy.

Up until that moment, I knew that the contemporary therapy I had been trained in was really rather limited in what it could achieve; but I didn’t know why this was. These days I tend to laugh and says that it is now very obvious why anyone struggles to perform relatively simple tasks, but only because I know this in a very deep and profound way.

I don't pretend to be anything other than an ordinary person, who somehow or other, fell down a particular rabbit hole, discovering a deep and amazing way of understanding how human beings are able to perform some truly amazing tasks; along with what can and does go wrong at the core of their performance, and how to correct this, quickly and efficiently. Consequently, I have often been heard to say that I really don't care what label or diagnosis someone has, or the supposed cause of or reason for their struggles, because I am not treating this.

If you had asked me how I thought my life would play out, back before that moment of realisation, I certainly would not have said that I would be going down a track such as this. It's very obvious to me that new discoveries such as this one, challenge the establishment in some very real ways. One suddenly discovers that most people are more interested in maintaining their status or income, rather than accepting that such discoveries make all our past understandings obsolete, and moving on from there. I find general resistance to change rather sad because very few of my clients have ever been fully functional or independent in their life. Many of them are particularly vulnerable, children for example, and I have a particular passion about education because it tends to do more harm than good. 

The world is now full of myths about kids who struggle, and their families of origin, and that has all come from the skewed perspective from which education views them. While education may maintain that it is child centred, it is not. It is fundamentally impossible for any system or organisation to be child centred, without understanding how any of us perform the tasks being taught; and education most certainly has bypassed this critical consideration. Tragically, education does a lot of harm to kids who struggle, adding to their burden, instead of moderating it, and while it is a system that is ideally placed to have enormous positive impact on all children's lives, it is at this point in time, unable to do this.

One my greatest desires is to change education in some very fundamental and positive ways ways. I am tired of teachers being scapegoated for a system that is basically that is out of step with its core business - effectively teaching kids without creating casualties in the process. The reality is that most children who struggle can have the cause of their struggle quickly and effectively corrected, and we need to abandon the ongoing practice of having kids repeatedly practice what they have already demonstrated what they cannot do, and address the cause of those struggles. That practice causes immeasurable harm and we only have to visit a local prison to see where that one leads. Ultimately, as a society, we are far too focused on the consequences of the functional issues underpinning these struggles, without ever looking deeper and seeing and addressing the cause.

The whole of education is based on ill-conceived ideas and does nothing to actually improve upon the performance of children. I really do want to make it clear that education cannot do what it continues to say it can; it cannot help your child. In fact, the cost to any child who struggles, in attending school, can be very high and the fact that we continue to let this happen needs to be challenged.

I also work with adults who have a variety of neurological cognitive based disorders:

  • Those who have always struggled with literacy and numeracy
  • Those who have suffered a traumatic brain injuries, stroke, had neurosurgery or some other neurological events
  • Those who are said to have dementia.
I have also developed a program for athletes and other elite performers, allowing their performance to be refined and improved upon in some very interesting ways.

By focusing on the dynamic of perception relative to our performance, we are able to understand anyone's struggles and correct them quickly and effectively. I see most clients only once every 2 weeks and most will not need more than 6 sessions, with many only requiring 3 or 4. Probably the most common comment made about this process is how obvious the client’s level of performance actually is, and how it is typically a lot lower than anyone suspected.

I provide a highly specialised therapy, allowing many, many people to improve upon their performance in ways we could not have previously imagined. People with strokes, traumatic brain injuries, literacy and numeracy issues, along with many, many other conditions can go on and gain or regain a level of performance and independence that was previously not possible. Even many 'dementias' can be improved upon. This is a 21st century therapy with the potential to revolutionise our understanding of human performance, and it is available all around the world.

If you would like to work with me, either as a client or to collaborate on a project, please feel free to contact me. I am always up for a discussion on the truly amazing world of visual perceptual performance.

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