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When I discovered the world of visual perceptual performance, I realised I now had the means to help my clients recover from neurological events that just wasn't possible previously. I now understood what the core issues were, and how to address them, and in ways that were light years beyond my previous level of understanding.

Visual perceptual performance takes us to the core of our performance, revealing what has gone wrong, along with the means of correcting it. We can now see how we perform those everyday tasks and are able to restore the basic skills, abilities and processes, we all must have in order to be fully functional, and do so very quickly. Performance naturally increases when we do this.
Natoya Rose, Occupational Therapist

If we do not know how we do what we do, it is fundamentally impossible to correct the cause of struggles  arising from neuro-cognitive issues
Below is a link to a case study, which demonstrates what is truly possible with The Visual Perceptual Therapy.
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Now I am certainly not saying that everyone is going  to suddenly get up and engage in life on the same levels as they previously did, but I am saying that far more is possible from this perspective than most people ever imagine.  Even if a client only receives the Visual Perceptual Therapy, they find they can return to rehab and make progress that just was not possible before. To make this all so incredibly easy, the Visual Perceptual Therapy is available via Skype around the world.

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