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Traumatic Brain Injury

And 21st Century Therapy


'Traumatic brain injury' covers an
extensive range of presentations

It was whilst working with people with traumatic brain injuries that I quickly realised that the contemporary therapy I had been trained in was really quite limited. Thirty years on and I can say that not a lot has changed; so many people continue to be left with very significant issues, because those therapies are able to do little to improve upon performance.

These days I find myself in this place of saying (whilst bearing in mind the diversity of these injuries) that most people with mild to moderate injuries can expect a very substantial improvement in their performance, if not complete recovery; and those with more severe injuries can also expect reap some substantial benefits of this quantum level of understanding of neuro-cognitive performance.

While we know that medicine has moved on a great deal in the past 50 years, and that scanning technology has done a lot to reveal the inner workings of the body, function is not something we can put under a scanner. It will take a shift in perspective to provide us with the realisations, which will allow us to see into the core of human performance and how we do what we do. Without such a shift we are left looking at the surface of a rather remarkable process, and only being able to influence performance from that same level.

Working from the level of visual perceptual performance allows us to go to the heart of performance (which is why I talk about this being a 'quantum' therapy), see where the actual breakdown in function is occurring and correct it at that same level. Because all of our performance is scaffolded together - layer upon layer of different levels of performance come together to allow us to perform as we do - correcting these struggles at their core will produce some very profound outcomes.

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