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Not all strokes are equal
and many go unnoticed, even
by healthcare professionals

Isn't hindsight fantastic. When I look back over the years, to when I first began seeing stroke from a very different perspective, it was immediately apparent that the contemporary therapies were incredibly limited. These days I know that so much more can be achieved, far more than most people can imagine.  standing in front of sunrise
I've seen some rather amazing outcomes result from this therapy. I've watched as clients have improved enough to go home and live independently again; some of them even returned (safely) to driving. But what was so profound is that everyone demonstrated far more improvement through this therapy than they did through that old way of doing things. Even in the early days, it proved its worth enough for colleagues to start asking me to work with clients, because they knew it would produce radically different outcomes.

It remains glaring apparent, that far more is possible from treating the core of human performance, than providing superficial interventions ever does.
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These days it is very obvious, just how complex and refined tasks such as walking, talking, getting bathed and dressed, etc, actually. At the core of these tasks is the exact same area of performance; consequently, when we identify what has gone wrong here and fix it, performance improves across the board and it does so in some very dramatic ways.

Nor does it take months or years of therapy to get these results. 8-12 weeks of the Visual Perceptual Therapy will produce substantial outcomes, without most of the effort it took before

The Visual Perceptual Therapy changed all of that.

The Visual Perceptual Therapy
allows core skills to be rebuilt

Read about John's experience and how quickly things changed for him.
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When we correct the core breakdown in performance, rapid and profound improvement is not only possible, it is expected. This is why I often talk about providing ‘quantum therapy,’ because of the depth I am working at  with my clients. quantum image
All programs are available via Skype, meaning that it doesn't matter where in the world you are, you can work skype buttonwith me.

The first step is to contact me and tell me about your situation.

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