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Other Conditions

Neurosurgery, heart attack, seizures, etc


Cognitive issues are also caused
things other than stroke,
traumatic brain injury or dementia

Cognitive issues can occur as a result of many other conditions, including:
  • neurosurgery 
  • heart surgery and other procedures
  • Infections
Just to name a few, and you may be surprised how often people are not warned about this.
Urinary tract infections are also well known for causing confusion in elderly people, and sometimes certain illnesses or events can lead to an overall gradual decline or deterioration in cognitive performance.

While I am most certainly interested in what event may have caused a person's cognitive issues, in treating those issues, I am far more focused on what has gone wrong at the core of that person's performance, than I am on anything else.  You may not realise this, but regardless of what lead to that decline in cognitive performance, it is the same core area of performance that has been impacted upon. Sure, we may see different things going on in people with different diagnoses, but it is the same core area of performance that has been affected.

This means that we have to be able to look at a person's core performance in displaced femoral fracturea way that will reveal what has gone wrong for them and we cannot do this by having them perform complex everyday tasks. We will never know what the problem is by only ever looking at walking, talking, transfers, bathing and dressing, etc; we must go beneath the surface and look deeper. There is just far too much information contained in the superficial view of those tasks, and it always obscures how they are being performed, just as the flesh of a leg obscures the fracture in this thigh, and we must use another means of looking deeper.

It is also true that these issues appear, on the surface, to be a lot worse than they actually are at their core. I have worked with many people who have significant neuro-cognitive issues and they have made substantial recoveries; far more than can ever be achieved with contemporary therapeutic approaches.

The first step is to arrange to speak with me, so that I can understand your situation and advise you appropriately. 
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All programs are available via Skype meaning, that it doesn't matter where in the world you are, you can work skype buttonwith me.

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