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Athletes are always looking for ways to improve upon performance and the Advanced VP Program has proven to be one of the most challenging things an athlete can do. Not only does this program improve upon information processing capacities, it also reveals the client's psychological and emotional motivations, with a clarity and simplicity that cannot be ignored.

By giving athletes the opportunity to discover how they are reacting to challenges in life, and providing a simple means of working with these responses, our clients have consistently stated that their performance suddenly and dramatically improves in ways they could not have imagined happening.

The Advanced Program is one of the most revolutionary and life changing programs any athlete can engage in.

The Advanced VP Program is a clinical program, based on a very clear understanding of what is at the very core of human performance


  • Spontaneous and highly effective problem solving & decision making
  • Significant reductions in stress and 'nerves.'
  • Better results with less effort and stress
  • Effortless planning
  • Better uptake and application of new information and learning
  • Smoother and more co-ordinated performance

  • Improved insight into your own performance and what works for you
  • Improved inter-personal relationships
  • Improved conflict resolution
  • More effective use of training times
  • Completing all tasks with far greater speed and accuracy

Clients continue to say their life and
performance has  improve in so many
ways they cannot begin to describe
how things have changed

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