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I find it incredibly tragic that we have been lead to believe that childhood struggles are for life. There is a resignation amongst most parents of these kids, and it is probably no wonder why, when the media routinely broadcasts this exact same idea for all of us to hear.

It’s tragic because it’s certainly not the truth. Most children can actually have the cause of their struggles entirely corrected, and this is the case even with kids who are typically seen to have ‘significant’ issues.boy with dog

In my world, I know that what we see in terms of a child’s everyday performance is only ever the result or consequence of something going on beneath the surface. Interestingly, most of the world is totally oblivious to these deeper realms, because it takes a shift in perspective or a moment of realisation to take us beyond our superficial view of the world, allowing us to see into the quantum realms of our performance.

When I say that literacy and numeracy, or anything else we see a child struggling with, is not the problem, I actually mean it. They are not the problem and are merely a symptom of what is going on at these deeper levels; and, when we correct these struggles at the point they are arising from, that correction permeates throughout everything the child is doing and manifests as some very profound transformations, not in what the child is doing, but also in how they are showing up in the world.

It is also true that we cannot tell how substantial a child’s core issues actually are, until we evaluate them. I can recall numerous instances where a child has appeared to have a very significant issue and I only saw them twice and their struggle completely resolved. Amongst those children are some who had autism, some who had cerebral palsy, some who had fragile X syndrome, and many, many children who had no diagnosis at all.
Cassie was 12 years old and about to go off to high school. She had always struggled in school and was obviously immature for her age. She freely admitted to playing with younger children, because she could not understand or follow the social interactions of children her own age. I always ask if a child has had their vision and hearing checked as these factors alone can cause children to struggle. Cassie had not had her vision checked, so her Mum arranged for this to happen immediately; and it turns out that she did have something wrong with her eyes and required two surgeries to correct this. However, her vision alone did not account for her struggles in school, and we quickly discovered what had gone wrong in her evaluation. I only needed to see Cassie twice and the results where immediate and profound, across all areas of her life. The following year I bumped into her Mum at the school, where she thanked me with tears in her eyes, for giving her a ‘normal’ teenage daughter - I had to laugh at that one. She recounted various examples of how Cassie had changed and grown, how she now understood her school work and was performing up with her peers or better, and how she was engaged socially with her peers and routinely stunning them with her teenage theatrics.
The Visual Perceptual Therapy is a new generation of therapy. It allows us all to see exactly where a child's performance has broken down, and it allows me to correct these breakdowns....... quickly, effectively and permanently. In fact, the clarity with this this process allows us to see how a person is performing, and what is interfering with this, makes this an incredibly powerful tool for anyone wanting to improve upon their performance. And the reason why it is so important to correct the cause of these struggles is because, doing otherwise is incredibly harsh on children, and causes long term psychological and emotional harm. We only have to look at what becomes of so many children who struggle in school, to know that how we have traditionally worked with them does not work, and comes at enormous cost to both them, and society on the whole.
The Visual Perceptual Therapy allows us to go to the heart of a child’s struggle, and correct it from there, and this is a truly revolutionary thing to do. seed germination
And, here's a word about education.......
If, by chance, you believe what education tells us, about how it can help these children, I would very much encourage you to think again. Education is a system based on highly intellectualised ideals, which are essentially, the interpretation some people have of how kids perform. However, nothing anyone in education has ever told me about their understanding of reading, writing, etc. actually relates to what the reality of how we performance these tasks. There is much to be said about the skewed understanding education has of kids, and how it is pretty much focused only on a very superficial understanding of those educational tasks, whilst having little to no understanding of the kids and their performance. Personally, I think it is about time this changed!
Here is an illustration of the edcuational approach to kids who struggle:

You fall over and break your leg and go to the hospital to have it treated. But your doctor diagnoses 'a problem with walking,' and refers you on to someone who is going to help you improve upon your walking. No effort is ever made to examine or treat your broken leg, and you are going to have to practice walking while it is broken.

This is exactly what education is doing; no attempt is ever made to identify the cause of a child's struggle or correct it. Education is essentially attempting to teach kids in spite of a very obvious functional deficit, or to teach them out of it.  Both are incredibly harsh things to attempt to do, especially to children.
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visual perceptual therapy button Literacy & Numeracy
Is your child struggling in school?
  • Literacy & Numeracy
  • General development
  • Developmental delays
  • Behaviour
  • Difficulties with reading/dyslexia
  • Academic ability
  • Fine motor skills and general upper limb function
  • Learning difficulties
  • Self-management and regulation
  • Planning and organizational skills
  • Difficulties with handwriting & pencil grip
  • Self-care skills
  • School readiness
  • Play and social skills
  • Movement and coordination skills
  • Fine and gross motor skills
  • Co-ordination and clumsiness
  • Sensory processing issues
  • Cognitive skills such as: 
    • Attention & memory
    • Planning
    • Organisation
    • Problem solving and decision making
  • Visual Skills such as: 
    • Visual Perceptual Performance 
    • Visual memory 
    • Visual motor skills 
  • Social Skills
  • And much, much more 
          * if it's not on the list, just ask. I can help in most cases.
stylised brain Neuro-cognitive Disorders
Is your child struggling in their cognitive development?
Pre-school button Pre-School Screening
Is your child ready for school?
graduation cap The Advanced Program
For kids who want or need a challenge
Blue eye The Visual Perceptual Therapy
The ground-breaking therapy that works........  
quickly & without the stress
At the heart of all of the programs
is a very clear understanding of
how we do the things we do,
and what can and does go wrong

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School and Learning Behaviour &
Emotional Management
Movement, Rhythm & Co-ordination
things for school child crying hop scotch
Learning difficulties,
dyslexia, reading
difficulties, maths,
academic ability
Behaviour, ‚Äčemotional
management, dealing with others
Clumsiness, gaining mastery, growing, developing
Autism Spectrum Fine Motor Skills Social Skills
& Play
unhappy child child writing 2 little girls walking together
Autism, Asperger's &
other neuro-developmental conditions
pencil grip, manipulating objects
Getting along, following rules, making friends‚Äč
(Mental Abilities)
Ready For School
stypised brain And much, much more boy running to school
Attention, memory,
planning, organisation,
problem solving,
decision making.
General development, literacy & numeracy, developmental age.
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