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The Advanced VP Program

For Kids


Refining and improving upon
children's performance

The Advanced VP Program was initially developed for elite athletes, as a means of refining or honing their performance; however, when I began using it with kids who needed a little bit more than the Visual Perceptual Therapy, it proved itself to be an excellent program for them.

It's never enough just to give someone the skills they need in order to be able to perform in life; we need to also give them the opportunities to utilise those skills in increasingly demanding situations. This allows them to hone (sharpen) or refine their performance

Visual Perceptual Therapy gives a child the visual perceptual skills required in order to make sense of the world and act upon it

The Advanced VP Program allows kids to refine their performance and to fully step into a functional way of being in the world.

However, someone also approached me about working with their two boys, both of whom were high achievers in anyone's terms. They asked if there was any way to help these boys to become more relaxed and at ease in life; essentially they wanted them overcome their anxieties and just relax and have fun, while still continuing to excel.

So we ran them through the The Advanced VP Program and it did for them, what it did for the elite athletes, showed them how to relax and achieve effortless success and do so in ways they could not have imagined were possible.
The Advanced VP Program gives kids just a little bit more, regardless of where they are at right now.

We can take them further than the
Visual Perceptual Therapy

Or we can make just make life a little easier all around
Regardless of your needs, the first step is to contact me and tell me about your situation.
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The Advanced VP Program helps children to perform increasingly complex tasks with ease.
All programs are available via Skype meaning that it doesn't matter where in the world you are, you can work skype buttonwith me.
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