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Ensuring kids are not
               only ready for school ..........
                           But are also ready to thrive

Pre-school screening is a process that directly involves you, the parent, and allows you to see if there is any reason to be concerned about your child's school readiness.

The Process

  1. cheeky girlsDownload and complete the The Visual Perceptual Screening Tool. This tool looks at a variety of different ways kids are telling us they are struggling. It also tells us where their difficulties are probably arising from.
  1. Take some video of your child engaging in everyday tasks and/or doing the things you are concerned about.
  1. Email me with Pre-School Screening in the subject line. Attach the screening tool and the video to the email, OR, alternatively, you can put these items in a folder on Drop Box, or any other cloud storage facility, and include a link to the folder in your email.
    At the same time you can book an appointment to talk to me about the results of this screening by following this link.
  1. Make sure you send through the video and completed screening tool one week prior to your appointment so we have something to talk about.

In your consultation, we will discuss your concerns and the issues identified in the Screening Tool, along with your video and the options available to you. I keep these discussions as relaxed as possible, whilst offering practical explanations about what each child is doing, and why. These consultations run for up to an hour and there is no obligation to proceed any further, if you don't want to.
The program is available all around the world via Skype, meaning that it doesn't matter where you are, you can
work skype buttonwith me.

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