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Neuro-cognitive Disorders

(Conditions, which result in an issue with neurological (brain) function & have associated cognitive (mental processing) issues.)


Despite what you may have been told,
childhood struggles do not need
to be 'FOR LIFE'!

We tend to only use of the term 'neuro-cognitive disorder' for kids who have conditions such as cerebral palsy, autism, etc; however, any child who struggles in school is struggling because of an issue with their neurological and cognitive performance ie: they have a neuro-cognitive condition or disorder.

Unfortunately, most of the information available on kids who struggle, comes from a rathertext - superfical superficial understanding of these issues, and is something that education has only ever added to, in an incredibly skewed way. These struggles are functional and need to be understood from the place they are arising from, and do not need to be misinterpreted because we have failed to look deeper or because they are being understood from a decidedly non-functional perspective.

I think if we really do want to understand anything of  the reality of why kids struggle, regardless of diagnosis, lack of diagnosis or what they are struggling with, we do need to be asking how any of us are ever able to perform those tasks that a child is struggling with. In order to do this we must look beneath the surface of our everyday performance and go to the heart of it all; and I certainly would not be looking to education to provide the answers we seek.
Any child's struggle is functional, not educational, and what the child is struggling with is only ever a symptom of what is going on, and never the issue itself
On a purely physical level, kids struggle because something has impacted upon their brain and disrupted its performance; often when the child was born or before. This may seem like a really scary thing to have happened; but, the reality is that we can modify the structures using a therapy that focuses on doing exactly this, substantially improved upon, if not completely resolved.

I’ve spent my entire career working with people who have neurological cognitive based disorders and in 1996 a moment's epiphany forever changed how I saw and understood these conditions and accompanying performance. That moment resulted in over 20 years of exploration into the core of our performance, allowing me to develop a therapy, which does allow, me to address the central cause of these struggles.

The answer to these struggles has turned out to be a rather obvious thing and the results are typically transformative, regardless of how big or small a child's struggle appears to be on the surface. Ultimately, my message to any parent is to talk to me, because there is most definitely an answer to your situation, and it doesn't take months or years of therapy, or hours of 'homework' to achieve.
 The Visual Perceptual Therapy is the result of over 20 years of clinical exploration into how we do the things we do. It is a 21st century therapy, going to the heart of human performance.

And it works!!!
The first step is to contact me and discover what is actually going on for your child
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