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Approximately half of all
children, anywhere around the
world, are struggling right now in school!
And this is a huge number of children, who will not only continue to struggle in school but who will also struggle when they leave school
                      ....... unless the cause of their struggles is corrected.

Unfortunately, most of us believe what education is telling us about children who struggle, despite all the evidence to the contrary. shocked woman
When I first began working with children, I knew why they struggled and that it was all about function, and that the children could not perform the tasks being asked of them.

Consequently, I was truly dumbfounded when I discovered what education was doing, and how it had completely bypassed the whole issue of function.
Education simply does not understand how any of us perform the tasks being required of children in school; or what has actually gone wrong for these kids, and why they cannot perform. Nor does education teach relative to any child's performance. Instead, we are faced with a rather complex web of ideas that education has about these kids and, unfortunately, very little of it is actually true.
In order to truly help a child who struggles, we have to shift or change our perspective, and that means we must understand what any child is doing from a much deeper perspective. dna
When we know the what the core issues are, the things that are causing a child to struggle, it's not such a difficult thing to correct this and help the child go beyond that struggle; and when we do actually help them, the results become very apparent, very quickly. boy winning

Children struggle because they cannot do what is being asked of them.

And, it doesn't take months or years of therapy to correct this.
The answers to most of these childhood struggles are really rather simple
  • You will get to watch as your child engages in the therapy
  • You will so very clearly see where they are struggling and why
  • You will also get to see as those struggles dissipate and dissolve
  • You will see the obviousness of it all and that none of this is rocket science
And you will get to see your child grow and transform before your very eyes, and in ways that can be truly astounding. It's just a matter of giving them the skills, abilities and processes they need, in order to make sense of their world, and act on it appropriately.

I work with children on:
  • Difficulties with reading
  • Difficulties with maths
  • Dyslexia
  • Handwriting/pencil grip issues
  • Learning difficulties
  • Planning and organisational issues
  • School readiness​
  • Behaviour management
  • Problem solving
  • Decision making
  • Memory
  • Social skills
  • Attention
  • Visual skills
  • And much, much more

Outcomes you can expect:
  • Most children will be asking to read within 10-14 days of their first session
  • Confidence immediately improves
  • Tasks that were previously avoided are now engaged with and the child can perform them
  • The child is noticeably different, noticeably more present and engaged
  • The child starts to progress in tasks they previously could not perform
  • They are happier
  • They are able to engage in life more fully and successfully
  • Hyperactivity rapidly diminishes
  • Anxiety diminishes
  • Many parents tell us that they can now experience their child in ways that were just not possible before. The change can be very profound indeed
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The program is available all around the world via Skype, meaning that it doesn't matter where you are, you can
work skype buttonwith me.
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