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Based on nearly 30 years of clinical practice

Don't get caught up in the idea that
resting alone will get you back in the
game, because it won't

I've been treating traumatic brain injuries for nearly 30 years and I have no idea where the notion came from, that rest alone will restore function. sloth
However, when we treat these injuries at their core, rapid and profound recovery is possible. lunar core
We need to rewire the brain in order to return to  a level of function that allows us to get on with life, and that means therapy.  frayed wire cable
Not only can your performance be restored to normal, quickly, but it can often be improved upon. standing on mountain top
This program combines the ground-breaking

Visual Perceptual Therapy

with the clinical focus of

The Advanced Program

Ensuring that core skills, abilities and processes are
re-established and refined upon.

Nearly 30 years of clinical experience is behind this
program and it works!
Talk to me today and find out how I can help

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All programs are available via Skype, meaning that it doesn't matter where in the world you are, you can work skype buttonwith me.
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