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The articles presented here are typically of a more comprehensive nature than the information found elsewhere on the website. While I do attempt to keep things simple, this is not an easy thing to do when talking about visual perceptual performance.

These articles provide in-depth information on visual perceptual performance and how it applies to everything we do. If you have a particular question that we have yet to cover, please feel free to email me your question and I will see if I can write an article on it.


Critical Failures in Perception

Leading to Critical Failures
in Performance


kids playing in water ~ Critical Failures in Perception  NEW!!
~ Why Do Kids Struggle
~ Determining a Child's Developmental Age
~ The Basics Of The Visual Perceptual Therapy

Why Do They Do That Series
~ Why Do They Do That? – Phonetic Spelling
~ Why Do They Do That? - Reversals
   ~ A Child’s Struggle is not Educational
   ~ My Child has Dyslexia
   ~ Educational Psychological Assessments
   ~ IQ Testing


All about kids, visual perceptual performance & what can and does go wrong


case file folder ~ Brendon - an ordinary little boy
~ John - a story about stroke recovery


Stories from my case files about ordinary people & amazing recoveries


items for school ~ Handwriting -  (there's more to it than just putting     pen to paper)

Why Do They Do That Series
~ Why Do They Do That? – Phonetic Spelling
~ Why Do They Do That? - Reversals


How visual perceptual performance relates to & impacts on literacy & numeracy


kite surfing ~ Refining Performance
~ Concussion Treatment


Visual perceptual performance &
improving upon all other performance


walking with elbow crutch The Dementia Series - 4 articles on different aspects of dementia
~ Is it Dementia?
~ Dementia and Beyond
~ Cognition - It's All Smoke and Mirrors
~ Mental Health and Dementia

~ Concussion Treatment


VPP has huge implications for neurological rehab.   Far more
can be achieved than ever before


digital eye ~ A Little History
~ Rewiring the Brain
~ Perception & Performance - an intimate dynamic
~ Critical Failures in Perception  NEW!!


General articles on visual
perceptual performance

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