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Traumatic Brain Injury


People with traumatic brain injuries is a diverse group, with wide ranging consequences arising from these injuries

These injuries are caused by a multitude of factors, including:.
  • Anoxia (the absence of oxygen reaching the brain), including: suffocation, choking, strangulation, near drowning, inhaling poisonous gas, heart attack.
  • Blow to the head eg: from an accident, from being hit by something, falling and striking the ground with the head.
  • A penetrating injury: where something penetrates the skull, including gunshot wounds, nail gun injuries, stabbing, etc.
The consequences of these injures can be anywhere from mild - with little to no loss of function - all the way up to catastrophic injuries, where people are left in a non-responsive or vegetative state.

I have worked with people with traumatic brain injuries for my entire career, and it was the lack of progress this client group tended to demonstrate in therapy, which fuelled my frustration and had me looking for a way to improve upon their progress.

These days I can say with a great deal of surety that we can improve upon so much of the consequences of traumatic brain injury, simply because we know where our performance arises from.

It is not unusual for people with mild to moderate traumatic brain injuries to make a complete recovery from these injuries and for everyone else to make dramatic improvements upon their performance.

Our programs can be delivered all around the world via Skype; but first, we need to find out how we can help you.

The first step is to make an appointment for an initial consultation. This allows us to determine the full extent of your situation and how we can meet your needs.
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