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Working Via Skype

Accessibility For Everyone..... no matter where in the world you are

All programs and services are
accessible via Skype

I wanted to make all of the programs accessible to everyone and Skype allows this to happen. All you need is an Internet connection, camera, and you can work with me
                                             ........ no matter where in the world you are

network communication I developed the capacity to deliver these programs worldwide, because people asked me to.
I was hearing from so many parents from all around the world, who wanted me to work with their child. I tried home programs and they didn't work, so I looked at how I could deliver the therapy via Skype, and it turned out to be quite a simple thing to do.
children happy at success It started because parents found the information they received about their child's behaviour and performance made absolute sense; and they didn't need a degree in rocket science to understand what I was saying. Consequently, they wanted access to the Visual Perceptual Therapy.
on top of the mountain And now anyone can meet with me online, and experience the transformative power of these innovative programs
You'll discover just how easy it is to download, install and use Skype. Soon you'll be calling friends all over the world, because it is so easy to use. And, best of all, it's free.arrow skype logo

Discover the innovative world of

Visual Perceptual Performance

Access ground-breaking programs and discover what's possible

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