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Working via Skype

All programs and services are accessible via Skype

Skype makes it possible for you to work with me, no matter
where in the world you are. 

sad faceUnfortunately home programs just do not work with this therapy. No matter how well intentioned the parents were, there were issues. So I told one desperate Mum that I would try delivering the therapy via Skype, and it worked amazingly well. In fact, it worked so  well and had so many other benefits, that I have been doing it ever since.

We can work together, even if you do not live in my city or country.

One of the great benefits of living in a technological age is that we can work together, no matter where we live. This opens up a whole new world of possibilities for most people, where they can access services they would not have been able to a few short years ago.

We can record the sessions

One of the advantages of working via Skype is that we can record the sessions and you can share them with family members and others you feel might need to see them.

You get first-hand experience of how to work with your child (or other) in a therapeutic way

This is of tremendous advantage for anyone wanting to find a way to work with a child or anyone else in a therapeutic way. You will learn how to guide the child's progress through tasks, and how to encourage them to consider all options and pick the ones that work. You will see and understand what they are doing and why, and be able to respond accordingly.

You don't have to leave home or travel to do this

This fact alone makes it far easier for most parents to access The Visual Perceptual Therapy for their child; or for anyone else to do the same for themselves or someone else. Most of the time we can find a mutually agreeable time for us to meet, despite often being in different time zones.

Overall, this is one of the most convenient and easiest ways to get your child (or other) access to a quality therapy

Setting up and using Skype is very easy to do, and I provide easy to follow instructions on how to do this. If you want to consult with me about your particular situation, you can install Skype on your phone or tablet (or we can use Facebook Messenger), and you can speak to me whilst sitting in your car at work, if you should so choose. Video conferencing makes everything so much easier.

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You will quickly discover just how easy it is to download, install and use Skype. Soon you'll be calling friends all over the world, because it is so easy to use. And, best of all, it's free.

Access the ground-breaking
Visual Perceptual Therapy
today, and discover what's truly possible

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