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The Visual Perceptual Therapy

The 21st century therapy for
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Occupational therapy is a profession, based on the use activities as a means of improving upon performance ie: activities are the tool or modality we use, to improve upon functionality.

The Visual Perceptual Therapy is pure occupational therapy. It makes use of some specific activities, which allow us to see into the core or heart of our performance; to see how the task is being performed at a very subtle level. 

In terms of how the Visual Perceptual Therapy differs from contemporary occupational therapy practice, the difference lies in our ability to look beneath the surface of what appears to be going on, and see into the place where that struggle is actually arising from. In other words, we are either looking at the paint on the fence and attempting to understand the bubbles, the cracking and chipping by only examining the paint; or we are looking at the wood the fence is made of and realising that it has a huge role to play in what has happened to the paint.

It is now common practice for parents to engage an occupational therapist to treat their child when they are struggling in some way or other. It’s also common for occupational therapists to work in schools. However, maybe one of the most significant things there is, in determining how much progress a child will make in therapy, is what the therapist is focusing on. Are they only looking at the paint on the fence, or are they taking into account these deeper and more subtle levels of human performance?

Most of us realise that the usefulness or functionality of a car is in the fact that it moves and can transport several people, along with their personal items for some significant distance. We know that if there is a problem with how the car is working that we need to take it to someone who knows how engines work. We do not take it to someone who details or paints cars, or changes the tyres, because we know this has nothing to do with how the car actually works at its core.

Treating the struggles of anyone, whether they are a child or an adult, is exactly the same. We can go and see someone who addresses handwriting, cognition, literacy or numeracy, mobility, speech and language, social skills, co-ordination, or anything else we may think of, but we need to realise that these are not the core issues. They are the appearance, expression or end result of something that is going on at a much deeper level. Attempting to improve upon performance at such a superfical level is no different than changing the car’s tyres or painting it another colour, and expecting it to work properly again. 

The reality is that addressing the end result or consequence of anyone's struggle is not 'science,' good therapy practice or even a logical or realistic thing to do. Most of these interventions will have little to no impact on that person’s performance, because they only symptomatic interventions and do not focus on what has actually gone wrong. Instead, they place all responsibility on the client to figure out how to get the desired outcome, and that can be an incredibly burden to bear, especially in children. And don't get me started on Education's attempts to correct the functional issues in kids, via non-functional interventions or understanding.

The reason why the Visual Perceptual Therapy is so effective is because it goes to the heart or core of those struggles with everyday tasks; right to the point our ability to perform them is arising from. It does not focus on the tasks as such, but on how they are being performed. This is done by putting the client's task performance under a metaphorical microscope, allowing us to see what has gone wrong at the point that task performance begins at. When we do this, we are able to see very clearly, what has gone wrong and to also fix this at the same level; and the results can be absolutely amazing. To this day I continue to have clients and/or family members expressing their awe at the transformation that has occurred in these clients.

I am very happy to be able to make this new generation therapy available to clients all around the world. It can be provided via Skype and its impact is not reduced by working with us in this way. Even if you are sceptical and do not see how you or a child can be helped by this therapy, I encourage you to make an appointment and talk to me. If nothing else, you will most definitely get some very practical and easy to understand answers to why the struggle is occurring.

While I do continue to maintain a focus on children and addressing childhood struggles, don’t be put off if you are an adult. I also work with adults who struggle with literacy and numeracy, who have suffered a stroke or traumatic brain injuries, and even people who are said to have dementia, which is usually a very treatable condition. I also work with elite athletes and other adults who want to improve upon their performance generally, because it fundamentally does not matter who you are or what you believe your issue is, there is usually a very clear answer to helping you move forward.

Natoya Rose
Occupational Therapist
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